We Ensure Maximum Benefits

To Our Clients

By preparing comprehensive investment strategies and implementing innovative and transparent solutions for entrepreneurs and investors.

Market research

We conduct market research in accordance with our client’s investment idea or vision, which helps us in understanding and making decisions for the further direction of the business, project, or investment.

Project management

We offer complete service for managing projects from the initial stages to its completion and assure that all phases have been implemented, in line with the project documents and legal provisions.

Marketing strategy

During project implementation, we conduct marketing strategies for appropriate advertising of the project or business. As a result, we manage to increase sales and brand awareness.

Company establishment

We provide consulting services on company establishment in line with positive legislation. The client delivers the required documents; we do everything else on their behalf.

Contracting and subcontracting

We audit and negotiate with contractors to be employed on projects, and draft the necessary contracts with our lawyers.

Obtaining permits

We take care of acquiring all necessary permits for realizing our client's projects through dealing with competent local and state authorities.


We are a young investment consulting firm founded in 2018 in Berlin. Our main focus is on real estate development and marketing. We serve individuals and corporations in expanding businesses and growing investment portfolios. Our unique investment and marketing strategies ensure maximum benefits to our clients.

Real Estate & Architectural Solutions

 We have access to properties ranging from small-scale projects to large-scale investment opportunities. Our guidance helps our client by choosing the most suitable real estate for maximizing profits. Our team of Architects can provide first class architectural solutions and interior designs, as well as, the visualization and presentation of the project for further marketing.

Now is your time to grow and expand your business. Our team of mentors can support you with proper networking and strategies, that will help you in achieving your goals quickly!

Our experience in building and growing brands enables us to overcome barriers that many start-up's faces in their early years. Get in touch and let's find out how MENT & Associates can help you!

With MENT & Associates, businesses and entrepreneurs can get mentoring support, including business planning, go to market strategies and access to key partners and funding.



Defined by our people

By taking a consistent approach to skills development and recruiting, we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise.

First Class Support

Fast professional and helpful support, as well as our strong relationships, is what makes us a strong competitor in the market.

Always innovating

The needs of our clients are constantly changing, that's why we continually seek better ways to serve them. Bringing new talent into our team, and developing new capabilities are one of our keys to success.

Powered by knowledge

Most of our firm's resources are being invested in further knowledge development, learning and building strong relationships. We continually study markets and trends.

We Help Our Clients Make Change Happen!

We have consultancy experience in business, architecture, real estate and marketing, and we strive to deliver the best service experience to our clients.

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